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Clarus Films GmbH

Clarus Films GmbH
Albert-Einstein-Straße 11
D-63128 Dietzenbach

T : +49 6074 82 10 0
F : +49 6074 82 10 55
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Our Mother Reels

We supply our mother reels to customers who process the films further (Converters, laminators, technical applications, etc.)  We see ourselves as the link between the film production and further processing and enrich the completion with a high service standard (Supply-Chain-management, Customisation, Storage concepts etc.)

  • BOPP Mother Reels
  • BOPET Mother Reels
  • Aluminium foil
  • Laminating Films
  • CLARUS Films BOPP Folie

    BOPP Mother Reels

    Biaxial oriented Films made of polypropylenare implemented in many branches and applications.  They have outstanding barrier and hot seal proporties and offer on top of this as further advantages, high…

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  • CLARUS Films BOPET Folie

    BOPET Mother Reels

    Biaxial gereckte Folien aus Polyester werden in vielen Branchen und Anwendungen eingesetzt. Die Vorteile liegen insbesondere in ihrer hochglänzenden Oberfläche, der sehr guten Bedruckbarkeit und ihrer…

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  • Aluminium foil

    Aluminium Foils in a lot of different thicknesses and alloys

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  • CLARUS Films Kaschier Folie

    Laminating Films

    These films serve as protection against abrasion and dampness, also for more stability or to increase the durability for example by etiketts, prospects, cartons, menues, posters etc.

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