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Are you concerned with the topic of packaging solutions and would like to learn more? Can we give you individual advice? Get in touch with us. We look forward to support you!

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For all practitioners who deal with the topic of finding packaging solutions. News and interesting facts about packaging in the upcoming CLARUS Blog. << COMING SOON >>

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Our philosophy

Our vision

We are the European value-added reseller for future-oriented packaging films. We are the service platform between the producers and the film end users. All parties linked with CLARUS play a very large role in the further development and success of the CLARUS group.



We offer our customers the best possible value-performance relationship for unprinted and recyclable mono films. Our high quality and service standards underline our customer policy which we express through our tailored consulting and machine offer.


Sustainability & Environment

We support our customers by their change to sustainable packaging solutions. We see ourselves as a component and driving force in the circulating economy.



Our employees see themselves as a problem-solving and customer-oriented team. Our hierarchy is held flat so that every single employee from machine operator to store man takes his role seriously and gives his best day to day.



We regard our supplier relationships as partnerships. We serve in the first place to fulfill our customers' demands, but also the workload and further development of our partners is also very important.



Our owner structure is aimed at growth. Here we combine the institutional owner or investor with employee-shareholders. Together we have the right balance between entrepreneurship, passion and love of detail under one hat.