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Clarus Films GmbH

Clarus Films GmbH
Albert-Einstein-Straße 11
D-63128 Dietzenbach

T : +49 6074 82 10 0
F : +49 6074 82 10 55
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Our Finished Reels

With our finished reels we supply our customers in the end use of our packaging films-  We produce the finished reels order-related and have a wide portfolio of products and secure sources.

  • BOPP
  • PVC
  • POF
  • PE
  • Stretch
  • Laminating
  • CLARUS Films BOPP Folie


    Biaxial oriented Films made of polypropylenare implemented in many branches and applications.  They have outstanding barrier and hot seal proporties and offer on top of this as further advantages, high…

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  • CLARUS Films BOPET Folie


    Biaxial oriented Films made of Polyester are being implemented in many branches for a wide range of applications.  The advantages of this material are the very glossy surface, good printability and the…

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  • CLARUS Films PVC Folie


    The PVC shrink film guaranties a fast processing without difficulties on all normal packaging machines.
    The high transparency combined with the tailor made shink properties for your application, guaranties…

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  • CLARUS Films POF Folie


    POF shrinkfilms (Polyolefin) are highly transparent and glossy, and offer a high stability and resistence to temperature variations.  They are suitable for direct food contact and of course recyclable

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  • CLARUS Films PE Folie


    PE has established itself as a practicle and stable soluton for the packaging and repacking of diverse products – as bundle- or Tray packaging, als einlay- or cover sheet and for very many applications…

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  • Stretch

    Stretch Films are implemented to secure loads but also to protect the surfaces from many concerns.

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  • CLARUS Films Kaschier Folie


    These films serve as protection against abrasion and dampness, also for more stability or to increase the durability for example by etiketts, prospects, cartons, menues, posters etc.

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