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Do you already know about our introductory guide "Packaging Film Polyoelefin (POF)"? Learn more about the basics & application areas and download it for free!

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For all practitioners who deal with the topic of finding packaging solutions. News and interesting facts about packaging in the upcoming CLARUS Blog. << COMING SOON >>

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The Location

  •  Everything is combined at our Home Base in Dietzenbach
  • 9.562 m² Storage area is at our disposal (Including High racking area)
  • 16.480 storage spaces for palettes
  • 1.300 m² Office area
  • 10 Slitting machines in use at the moment. An increase to 13 machines is possible
  • A reduction of­ internal transport
  • Optimal usage of personal resources 
  • Digitilisation through a scanner based reel management system