BOPP lamination films

SORELAM laminating films are suitable for the finishing of:
Envelopes and brochures of particular elegance, catalogs, company annual reports, folding boxes, labels, brochures, folders, menus, city maps, posters, etc.

The following advantages and characteristics are offered by SORELAM laminating films:

  • Maximum abrasion resistance and durability
  • Optimized further processing due to increased mechanical stability, composite effect
  • High tear and tear strength
  • High protection of the carrier against moisture and chemical solvents as well as mechanical contamination
  • Washable, and thus hygienically perfect, eg for schoolbooks
  • Subjectively increased brilliance of the printing inks

All foils are pretreated in such a way that they can be processed without further laminating such as pre-printing, structural embossing, mirror bonding or UV spot coating.


Type:              BOPP film for wet and thermal laminating

Width:            190 - 1.240mm

Thickness:       Wet film 12-18μm

                       Thermofolie 24-43μm

Quality:          Wet-laminating films on both sides pre-treated, thermal laminating films on one side prepressed, one   side EVA-coated

Execution:      Surface glossy, matt, matt scratch-resistant, supersoft, thermo-laminating film also for digital printing