BOPP films

The BOPP films of our cooperation partners are the ideal solution for a huge range of packaging applications.

The BOPP films stretched in the longitudinal as well as the transverse direction are characterized by excellent barrier and heat-sealing properties, but above all by their high stiffness and transparency.

Whether it is an external impact or flow wrap application in a vertical or horizontal process - we always have the right product for you.


In-house cutting operation with 11 machines


Due to our in-house cutting operation of the most modern cut, we can deliver the desired film within a very short time.

We can also tailor your film to you

hot-needle or macro-perforated.


Type:                BOPP biaxially oriented polypropylene, Release, plain, or COEX execution


Width:               Flat film 25 - 2.500mm

                          Center-folded 100 - 670mm

Thickness:         15, 18, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 and 50μm
  others on request

Quality:             non-sealable, cold- or heat-sealable, metallised

 white (solid or foamed), matt, coated (acrylic, PVDC, VLTS), antifog,

  fast-acting, smooth or blunt

Execution:       whether or not perforated, hot-felt or macro-perforated, untreated or not

 pre-treated (corona or flame treatment)

Pressure:          up to 12 colors and a max. width of 1.480mm